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Thanks for visiting my website. Here is a little bit more about my life.

I am married and blessed with a wife who is intelligent, beautiful, kind, supportive and genuine. I could not have achieved as much as I have without her tireless love, support and understanding, for which I am grateful and lucky to have. In return, there is nothing I will not do for her provided it's within the allowance of the current law :-) I also have two fluffy children, my cats Cassidy and Princess who give us unconditional love and make our family and home complete.

I graduated in 1999 at the University of Portsmouth with a Degree in Computer Science. I am an active professional member of the British Computer Society (MBCS). I am also a Chartered IT Professional. I currently hold a valid SC level security clearance but can also pass DV level if needed for any particular purpose.

I have learnt a lot of inside knowledge containing sometimes sensitive information from previous positions that I will always keep to myself. I don't agree with going against any company or government, especially my own workplace histories or the UK in general. I am open to discuss the type of roles these occurred with at an interview, but the content of information I know about is not available for discussion, my apologies if this upsets you, but I won't go against my values. If anything, it shows you that I can be trusted with the information you want me to keep secret.

 On the lighter side, I am very thankful and enlightened by the knowledge and projects I have worked with in my life that are not for consumption by other companies or people of the public. I am blessed with the level of trust that has been shared with me, and will never abuse that trust. I have not ever signed the offical secrets act but I am willing to do so should my career work require it. I feel that as a person, I am incorruptible, because  I stick to strict rules that I have set for myself.  I will never be bought for money, sex or power, knowingly perform any illegal actions, or take part in activities that harm people or systems unless required by authority for the greater good of the mission. My core values are very important to my integrity. Shame we can't say that about some of our so called politicians that keep getting caught in disgrace!

I also have a clean basic criminal CRB (now known as DBS) certificate and can pass the full disclosure level if needed to, having never been convicted of any offence in my life, and neither that of my family. It always pays to be honest, and a clear conscience is essential for inner peace and Karma. What goes around comes around not only applies to nature, but to law, corporations, systems and people you have to work with.

I have a full driving license and use of my own car for UK travel. I can adapt to all new types of hire and fleet car if you need me to drive a different car other than my own. I would love to work on getting a pilot's license in future, as I have better than 20/20 vision since wave-front 20-point laser-eye surgery some years ago. I still donít take it for granted, it was the best 5k I ever spent.

I attend self-selected seminars across the UK and I read BCS materials online to further my knowledge interests and career. My skills are strongly geared towards support and security, and the next job I seek will be an IT Security Analyst or IT Security Consultant. My current employer are paying for my CISSP exam which I am now studying. I am confident they will be moving me into such a role provided I pass the examination and a position becomes available in the security team dependant on budget.

If you seek an opinion of my abilities, please feel free to use the Contact tab to reach me. Perhaps you would like to meet me over a coffee for an interview? I am very confident but not over confident. I believe the best attitude to knowing more than others is to start in my case by admitting I will never know it all, but to keep an open mind to every opinion, idea, policy, process and conversation. I am open and honest and do not keep personal secrets, I play with all of my cards on the table, so you know that what you see is what you get. There is nothing to incriminate myself with, but I am not scared of showing my weaknesses as well as my strengths. Perhaps you can help me become stronger? I will aim to make any team and company stronger with my technical efforts, and that is a promise.

Please do not try and offer me less than £50,000 a year GBP for any role you may have, as I will not be taking less than I currently earn or a small increase in my current pay. I am very happy with my current role and the people I work with. I also prefer an option to work locally or from home to avoid spending a lot of time travelling, should I be persuaded to change my role in future. I am willing to travel internationally if needed and hold a current passport. It's not all about the money, but I want to provide as well as I can for my wife who I adore and love beyond anything I have in my world. So I owe it to her not to sell myself short. I believe I can save you a lot more money than you can pay me. 

I see a job interview not just as a process for you to find who you are looking for in appearance, mannerisms, experience, skill and personality, but equally as a process that I can use to work with people who are comfortable for me to work with too. Let's face it, we spend more time at work than at home in a full time post, so both parties have to be happy to work well with each other. As I can and have proven to survive on my own with no job before now, I will never be in the position where I have to take a role I don't like because of money, or work with people who are not nice to do business with because I have to pay the bills. It's just not how I accept it. You are not always lucky to have some jobs.

Please remember that if you do work with me, that I play to win when it comes to dealing with complexity and volume of work, if teamwork is statistically measured, and I aim to be the best in my team in any job I am appointed. I accept and respect others winning too, but will try harder for better targets next time if not in the lead. If necessary I work extra time in the morning or evening to achieve this aim and organise my work and priorities as efficiently as I can. It doesn't mean that I won't work well in a team, as I believe strongly in teamwork, but  also believe sometime you are better taking on some tasks alone. I  will insist on taking credit for my problem solving solutions and don't let others pass on my ideas or fixes to problems as their own. This is for my own career safety that someone else won't get promoted based on the work I have achieved. At the same time, I am not a glory hunter with a big ego, I am very calm, kind and generous towards everyone in any workplace.

I do think out of the box, find improvements in existing procedures, have the ability to create new processes, I am forward thinking, and I am globally aware of international problem solving using any allowed available means at my disposal. I have the ability to explain my thoughts and decisions in plain English, but I will also work using the methods a company want me to, if needed, to the letter, as I am obedient and loyal to the cause and the greater good. I do stick to policy and procedures given and used by a company as I want to toe the party line. Nobody wants a loose cannon on deck, but at the same time, I believe in questioning authority to understand why I am working a particular way. I work within the agreed rules to the best of my ability. I do not like to be micro managed by anyone. I find a good cup of coffee helps me work well :-)

I don't speak, read or write any language apart from English, but I do support many countries already with people who only speak their native tongue by using online translators, written and spoken, as well as finding people onsite who speak both languages when a warm body is needed as a translator and pair of hands rather than something that is only fixed by remote control. Where there is a will, there is a way, and no problem is too big or small for me. I like to document fixes that affect single and multiple users for my team's knowledgebase, which makes us better as a team and a company when the same issue reoccurs. 


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