Computer Science Final Year Dissertation - Corporate Anti-Virus Project and Generic Word Virus Scanner


READ THE DISCLAIMER if you are unsure of your rights when using any part of this project. It is free and open source with no restrictions.

The project consisted of two parts which I thought would add value to what the documentation & code had to offer the reader or software user

Part 1 - Create a Corporate Anti-Virus Handbook that can be used to gain knowledge about how viruses work and how to be prevented

Part 2 - Create a word macro virus that can't be found, then write the scanner that detects and kills it + every other word virus with no updates

  Software Downloads

        - Download Anti-Virus Project Setup Program (Source code, Program & Documentation)

            Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP PC
            Microsoft Office 97/2000/2003/XP with/or Microsoft Word
            Source code written in VB5 stored at C:\GW-SCAN\CODE
            Self-extracting with application setup wizard
            Program shortcut created in Start Menu, Programs
            Project documentation in C:\GW-SCAN\DOCS

        - Download Generic Word Virus Scanner Program Only (Windows 32-bit EXE) - Self-extracting program only

        - Download Generic Word Virus Scanner Source Code ZIP (Visual Basic 5) - ZIP file of source code only

        - Download Generic Word Virus Scanner Program Only - ZIP file of program only

  Documentation Downloads (Word 97,2000,2003,XP or Adobe Acrobat Reader, Standard, Pro or DC formats for your assured safety)


    All Documentation - All of the documentation for this project (ZIPPED) DOC / PDF

    Corporate Anti-Virus Dissertation - Anti-Virus handbook & GW-Scan design plan DOC / PDF

    Generic Word Virus Scanner User guide - How to use GW-Scan DOC / PDF

    Project Specification - introduction of the project idea before starting the tasks DOC / PDF

    The Poison - code listing of the BigBertha word macro virus (safe to open as it's disabled) DOC / PDF

    The Remedy - code listing in word doc format of the full source code for GW-Scan DOC / PDF

    All files created for this project can be downloaded compressed into a single file in 3 different formats below:

    Choose type of compression format from ZIP or RAR or 7Zip for all files the project used back in 1999.

Note to internet viewers: Yes it's a dark project, but I don't write or spread viruses, I promise that none of my files will cause harm in any way.

One of the reasons that I allow you to download the source code to compile or to read docs with PDF is for your reassuracne of it's safety.

Although the project is very outdated now, it proved a point at the time, that macro viruses before later macro safety changes with DOCX and DOCM extentions updated in later office versions by Microsoft could be still scanned and cleaned without updates needed. It was one of the biggest and most prolific type of computer virus at the time of writing the project in 1999. It took 3 months to code, 3 months to document and got tweaked and improved for another 3 months with changes to the code and documents in order to make imprevements for a better grade.

I hope it gives a reader the ability to empower security against bad code, and inspires anyone wishing to code their own AV programs / tools.

I will continue to share this project for as long as I can, as long as the hosting space and domains I use stay working, it will be shared globally.

Please use none, any or all of this project anywhere, anytime, anyplace, it is open source and free from any restrictions for all of it's content :-)

I am glady protected by the University of Portsmouth's legal umbrella to be allowed to share this with the world, as I own the full rights to it. As I stated to the University, I would not be making any profit out of this at the time of writing and ever since, they have no rights to it's free distribution since they stand to lose no money from it. So it really is about as free as it gets! Hope you enjoy my retro security work, Glenn.


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