I'm a UK & SC-Cleared Computer Security Expert available for low cost private hire.

I can secure and test your computers to strengthen your information protection & safety.


Email: InvisibleSoftwareSystems@InvisibleSoftwareSystems.Com

Contact me to discuss your requirements for the type of IT Security you need.

Send me a full international phone number if you want me to call you to talk.

You can remain anonymous to me for your added security if want, I don't mind.

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I accept Bitcoin, PayPal and Barclays PingIT for my services to you. Each problem I solve will have a mutually agreed fee between us. I keep my prices low for the benefit to both of us, mine to get more business and for you to have value for money. If I can't solve the problem or find an answer to a question, I won't charge anything at all. No fix, no fee.

Types of services offered, the most common top ten requests:

1) Cleanup of Viruses / Malware / Spyware and installing free virus scanners that update

2) Removing popups and unwanted programs that slow the system down & cause clutter

3) Speed up of system using operating system optimisation tools to quicken boot up & use

4) Freeing up disk space by removal of uncessary files on the hard disk or network drives

5) Recommended firewalls, installation and configuration of them to prevent hackers

6) Reloading windows on a system that has been compromised, backing up the data first

7) Reloading service extends to laptops, desktops, servers, tablets & phones, USB media.

8) Performing backups to external hard drive, USB stick or in the cloud for later recovery

9) Creating a full restore disk image that allows the computer to be restored as it was

10) Attempt data recovery due to file loss on hard drive using various forensic software

More advanced services and knowledge I can offer you:

11) Disk encryption to prevent windows password being reset easily with a boot disk

12) Advice on how to select a secure password which is hard to "brute-force" break

13) PGP and GPG email and file military grade encryption install, config & training

14) Advice on software that can be used in a workplace to harden servers and laptops

15) Use of password vaults to keep all of your logins secure & in the cloud encrypted

16) Recommendations of free cloud services that give 100GB and encrypt your files

17) Port scanning to see which ports are open and vunerable from remote attacks

18) Vunerability reports that shows needed operating system patches to make it secure

19) Advice on Phsical Security, what is needed to prevent physical access to a computer

20) Prevent keyboard & screen evedropping from tempest attacks by using faraday cages

21) Remove passwords on all MS-Office files where passwords were forgotton or lost

22) Advice on Secure & quick VPN software for home or the corporate enterprise

23) Advice on buying and using intrustion detection and tripwire licensed products

24) Using secure remote control software that is hard to break remotely by a hacker

25) Using secure file and disk erasers when a computer is being disposed of or sold

26) Advice and steps to take if a hacker is detected at home or at work

27) IP address Blocklists which can be purchased via subscription for use with Peerblock

28) Avoiding social engineering attacks, protecting yourself in person & by phone

29) Prevent phishing attacks via bad email links that cause damage, steal data or money

30) Using virtual machines and sandboxes to test unknown software sources safely

31) Hidden CCTV camera if you suspect a colleague / family with unwanted access

32) Security against internet sites that known to be malicious, and will block them

33) Monitoring software that parents can use to see what their children are doing

34) How to oficially report computer crime incidents that may occur against you

35) Recommended shredders for paper, credit card and CD/DVD disk destruction


This list is not exhaustive, but gives an idea of the type of work I can help you with.


Thanks for visiting my website and company -

Stay safe!


Last edited 23rd September 2016