Glenn's Technical Tips for your Microsoft Windows Desktop, Laptop or Server


1) How to use GoogleMail.Com and Gmail.Com with Microsoft Outlook 2007

2) Download a patch to allow Media Player for windows to be used as a DVD player or download it from my site here

3) Local Admin Password Eraser on Windows Vista and XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT. (CD boot Image & can boot from memory stick also)

4) Do without iTunes on an iPOD shuffle and drag and drop mp3 files directly - Also you can download this file from my site here

5) Disabling Auto-run in Windows as a security measure to prevent internet worm infection such as "Conficker" (prevents flash drives & cd/dvd's from loading software automatically)

6) Disable Remote Registry in XP, Vista and Windows 7 (windows allows any internet user to break into your windows registry without this service being stopped)

7) Rename the Local Administrator of your windows machine from "Administrator" to "NotAdministrator" (prevents hackers from guessing passwords in sequence for this account)

8) Secure Wireless Key Password Generator for the Internet Explorer Web browser

9) Flash version of Secure Wireless Key Password Generator for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera web browsers

10) Testing your Anti-Virus Software Safely

11) My IT Support Group on Facebook

12) - My Web based IT support chat room


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